30 Day Walking Challenge

If you’re looking for a fun yet doable fitness challenge to do along with the Epic Life Challenge or to just get you moving more, you’ll love this 30 day walking challenge. It’s a great way to stay motivated & focused on getting more fitness. You can just be proud of the steps you get in or go further and use a pedometer, watch or step counter app to keep yourself accountable. The focus is to just learn to make time for yourself and exercise.

Walking doesn’t require any fancy gear or a gym membership and almost anyone can do it!  All you may need is a little motivation, a good pair of runners, walking or fitness shoe, and some outdoor space. And let’s talk about the health benefits from walking. It’s great way to improve heart and lung health, reduce blood pressure, a lower impact activity than many other fitness routines, improve immune function, burn calories for weight management, it reduces stress and even boosts self-esteem. So a Walking Challenge seems to be the best idea to help everyone get active again.

There are several types of walks in this challenge to get you moving. You can start your walks at a comfortable pace and build to a more brisk pace as your fitness level improves. If you have had a really stressful day and need a more mindful activity, focus on calming your mind and just enjoy the scenery. Be sure to stretch before and after each walk to be sure not to get any cramps or strains. Some walks even include a little extra fitness like some yoga poses or lunges, or more challenging landscapes like the hilly walks. This is a way to push and increase your fitness level and to keep your body from getting used to only one level of fitness. Changing up pace, alternating walk lengths, adding extra stretching or aerobic activities help to build endurance and are more effective on losing weight. For the hilly walk, you can take a path with lots of hills or find some stairs to do some stepping up and down. This is fabulous for increasing the heart rate. If you really love music and want to include music daily, then go ahead. On the days listed to include music, book or podcast while walking, make what you select be important and different that day so it’s special for you.

Are you ready to get started? I have the free printable Challenge ready to go. Just submit your info and have the file emailed to your inbox.

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