Add Variety to your Meals with Stir Together Sauces

Tired of the same meals with a one note flavour? Change things up with some simple stir together sauces.

Bursting with flavour, these 4 no-cook, stir-together sauces come together with a couple of pantry staples in less than 5 minutes.

✅ Save money — no more throwing away bottles of expired sauces
✅ Save space — make only the amount you need.
✅ Easy to make — these come together with recipe on the jar and affordable pantry stables.

Use these 4 Epicure products–>
Chimichurri – One jar of makes 3 cups + of sauce.
Smoky Mojo – One jar of makes 3 cups + of sauce.
BBQ – One jar of makes 8 cups + of sauce.
Teriyaki – One jar of makes 3 cups + of sauce. Add some Red Pepper Jelly to make it a sweeter sauce.

To make all of the sauces you need–>
✔️Vinegar or lemon juice
✔️soya sauce – GF versions are available
✔️Mayo – can substitute with yogurt or sour cream

These sauces will add depth and spice up your meals–>
✔️ Dipping sauce for wraps, veggies, tacos
✔️ Condiment for burgers, chicken, pork, steak, grilled cheese
✔️ Flavour for a stir fry, casserole, mac & cheese, grilled or baked veggies
✔️ Sauce for grilling any protein on your BBQ

Can a sauce make a big difference to a meal? Oh yeah!

Recipes an all products are available from
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