Better for You Gluten-Free, Egg Free Butter Tarts

Butter Tarts were my father’s favourite dessert so I have seen and even tasted various versions over the years. They are gooey, decadent and a real Canadian treat. I have seen thin and thick crusted versions, made with corn syrup or maple, ones with pecans and tarts just loaded with raisins.¬† What makes the Epicure True North Butter Tarts I am going to talk about today so special is that they are gluten-free, egg free, low in sodium and sugar conscious.

I missed many desserts over the years because of either gluten or eggs but not anymore. I have researched and modified many baked goods over the year successfully. The nice thing about this version is that I can easily whip of this dessert right from the package. The filling is rich & buttery with caramelized sugar. This blend contains a hint of maple sugar one of my favourite flavours. This filling is thick and gooey and it’s fabulous with nuts or raisins or on its own. There is an option on the package to add an egg if you want a thicker filling but I truly believe that they are perfect without it. You can even make a vegan version by substituting the butter for a vegan butter.

I have made a gluten-free pastry for the base and even tried using the new Epicure Shortbread Cookies as the crust. The cookies were rich and buttery too so a very impressive dessert for any butter tart fan. And if you really want to play around with the cookies, make a cookie in a small baking pan and top with the True North Butter Tart mixture. It makes a beautiful square that you can easily cut and share.

Eating home baked goods for anyone with Celiac or gluten intolerant has long been tricky but not anymore with Epicure’s desserts lineup. Epicure truly shines when they create these better for you versions of popular desserts.