Epicure’s Never Ever List

Epicure has taught me so much about myself, my eating habits (even when I did not want to be reminded) and has taken my cooking skills to a whole new level. It also exposed me to flavours that I never imagined or cuisines I never thought I would be able to eat. But I think what impresses me most about Epicure is how they have taken on the food industry and made good food, made with healthy with whole food ingredients, that is suitable for so many diet types. Their products are gluten-free, nut/peanut free, mostly non GMO, low in sodium, sugar conscious, many are kosher, are vegetarian and/or vegan or provided with suggested substitutions to make them so and most importantly, It’s what is not found in their food – the chemicals, fillers, high in salt and sugar ingredients found in so many processed store products.

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce to you the Epicure Never Ever list.

I think we all agree that we need to eat closer to the earth and further away from a box to be healthy and if you want to think environmentally, we should also be looking closer to home for our food. I love summer when we can get fresh produce from our gardens, local markets or right off the farms. Eating more whole foods, using less salt and sugar and spicing with blends is a game changer that Epicure has tapped into for everyone’s health. So think twice when grocery shopping – read the food labels and try buying more fresh produce! Spring is here and the farmers are planting our next meals!

Want to know more about Epicure? Click here: http://katherineevanspearson.epicure.com