Join the Good Food Movement this Summer

Summer is the perfect time to join Epicure! Grab your Business in a Box – get grilling & cooking – share with friends & family – earn money to take all those summertime adventures and get your Epicure discount!

Sounds too easy? Well actually it is just that easy. You see, people are already looking for ways to eat cleaner and to feed their families healthier meals. Epicure comes along and brings quick and easy meal solutions that are healthy and saves busy people so much time in the kitchen. Most of the meals work out to about $3-$4 per serving which makes them a great value and affordable for families.

Best part about summer is that it’s grilling season! Watching BBQ Brawl the other day on TV where contestants had to create a healthy BBQ meal, I was shocked to see everyone, including Bobby Flay, commenting how hard it is to make a healthy BBQ dish! Their main concern is that most grillers use a lot of salt for seasoning. That’s something that Epicure has already resolved!

Epicure products are low in sodium and use a blend of rich spices to create a more nutrition forward way to season not only for the grill, but for any meal you want to create. And it’s a great way to get picky eaters to eat their veggies and better for them meals! Ditching salt for our Red Garlic spice blend or using our fabulous toppers with their nutritional punch (one replaces bacon, others high in antioxidants, fibre, omega-3 fatty acids and containing nutritional yeast).

So now that you know that Epicure has the products that everyone is looking for and we all know that now more than ever, more people are cooking and eating at home, what’s stopping you from getting your fabulous Epicure box?