New Red Garlic Topper, Oh I think I am in LOVE

Move over Salt, there is a new topper in town!
Red Garlic spice is a flavourful blend that you can use as a rub on meat and poultry, to flavour your vegetables, season soups and gravies or as a great replacement to salt.
Red Garlic is:
• A blend of garlic, red bell pepper, apple cider vinegar, onion, and herbs in one delicious seasoning.
• salt replacement, try this salt-free topper blend to give any dish a sprinkle of extra flavour.
• great way to generously season chicken wings, tomato soup, garlic bread, roasted potatoes, pilafs, and stews.
• Has no sodium, artificial colours or flavours.

Garlic is low in calories and rich in vitamin C and even touted for lowering cholesterol levels. But it’s the rich flavour that complements most savoury dishes, vegetables, soups and sauces so beautifully. It gives that little pick me up to blander dishes.

So you can see why I am in love with this new topper and ready to kick salt off the table!