Riced Cauliflower – Time to ReThink Rice

I have been gluten-free for 30+ years and I won’t lie – I ate a lot of rice over the years. Enough to make me intolerant to it now. Lucky for me there are so many alternative flour blends these days, that I can still create almost any baked item or meal that I desire. That’s why I had no choice but to look for a rice alternative side dish. Your reason will be because chopped cauliflower is far superior in health benefits and flavour to rice! I willing to bet you will agree after you try it!

Why add a starch to your meal when you can elevate a vegetable? Creating that rice like texture can easily be achieved by either using your food processor with the grate blade or a box grater on medium-sized holes. All you are aiming for is little pieces that somewhat resemble rice. I use a whole cauliflower since it will reduce once steamed.

Cooking is really simple. Use a fry pan or wok, one tablespoon of oil and make sure you add a lid to really steam it. I let it steam for about 5 minutes at first on medium heat before I stir or add any flavouring to it. Seasoning can be as simple as adding Epciure’s SPG (salt, pepper, garlic blend that’s low in sodium) or a little low sodium soya sauce. Or check out this new fall dish from Epicure – Chicken Fried Rice.

Chicken Fried Rice is so simple with this new blend. Just add 2 tablespoons of water and low sodium soya sauce and stir in the spice blend. Next you can add your chicken or whatever protein you want to use to a wok or fry pan to cook. Cook your protein, add your cauliflower to steam on top. Add your seasoning and mix well. Add a cup of chopped cabbage to the mixture (a fabulous crunch for this dish and extra nutrients) and continue to steam your cauliflower until it is soft. Serve in a bowl or plate and ENJOY!