Spring & Summer Food Trends for 2021

I think it’s safe to say that we all know the biggest food trend for 2021 and will continue strongly for the remainder of the year and most likely beyond, is that consumers are cooking & eating at home. The meal time routines have changed and so too have the demands for inspiration, fresh flavour ideas, quick and easy meal solutions and ways to end food boredom. More people will call themselves ‘foodies’ because they know what’s involved in preparing their meals and they too have now tried their hand at freshening up old family recipes, modelling off online chef demos or binged watched every show on the Food Network.

Plant-based eating is still in high demand as more people gravitate towards calling themselves flexitarians – eating some meat and more plants. We are better educated now and know that plants can provide as much protein as meat. Eating a steak or a plate a broccoli will give you the same amount of protein and one is a more environmentally friendly. So I guess what I am saying is that “Food Ethics” and “Environmental Sustainability” continue to be food trends as well. I will remind everyone though, just because it is plant-based, does not mean that it is healthier. Once again it depends on the process and procedures involved to create the product (energy used?, chemical changes to the ingredients?, what fillers are added?, are nutrients lost?, did they have to fortify with added nutrients?). The science and studies just aren’t done yet to support either way – so do your part and read the labels carefully.

Time to say goodbye to FOMO (fear of missing out) and say hello to JOMO (Joy of missing out). People have been through lockdowns, self-isolation, quarantines and have had less in person socialization. The experience has taught some of us to take joy in being more intentional, doing more things on our own and finding new pleasures apart from our usual ones. Sharing food has become images online from your kitchen, showcasing old favourites like home made bread to exotic meals you just learned to whip up.

People will not only be cooking more, they will now be demanding more from the food industry! They will be looking for quality and healthier to build their immunity. They will be conscious buyers, avoiding salt or sugar all together, looking for healthier options, want diet specific food or ones that are good for the planet. Consumers will be looking for brands that they can trust for themselves and their families.

Where do you fit in with all these trends? Will you label yourself a flexitarian or maybe a foodie? Will you be brand specific or jump on the bandwagon and say NO to sugar and completely cut it from your diet? What I know is true – I am cooking more healthier and I love it all the new lessons it has been teaching me because I feel great.

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