Total Body Clean Up Challenge to Kickstart a Healthier You

The purpose of this challenge is to ditch some unhealthy nutrition habits to kickstart a healthier, more fab lifestyle (and to keep you on track for great results!)

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The challenge is divided up into 4 weekly goals / healthy habits:

Week 1 – Drink only zero calorie beverages
Week 2 – Add a green smoothie or raw veggies everyday
Week 3 – Swap out the white stuff
Week 4 – Ditch the dairy

Each weeks habit builds on the previous weeks’ habits.

What’s Included:
– 28 Day Total Body Clean Up Guide
– Weekly Cheat Sheets & Challenge Tracker to set you up for Success
– Daily Motivational Posts & Check Ins in a private group
– Weekly Tips & Recipes

Why I am taking this Challenge?

Living with Celiac, food intolerances and/or severe allergies makes you more keen on what you do put in your mouth. From time to time I find that different foods are bothering me or I just feel like I am in a rut, eating the same meals over and over. This challenge helps me reset my body so that I can determine what may or may not be bothering me or just get me back on track to a healthier lifestyle. At the minimum, it makes you examine what you are eating and maybe inspire you to do better.

Who created this program?

This challenge was created by nutritionists and involves a 4 week elimination diet to help rid your body of foods that may be causing you inflammation, bloating or impeding weight loss. It’s simple to follow and you may just learn a few things about better nutrition.

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