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We can’t wait for you to join us! #teamfun

How it works

We’re here to help you sign up for Epicure

  1. Fill out the form above and hit submit
    Let’s chat about what you’re looking to build and see if our team is a good fit for the project.
  2. Talk to Katherine on the phone
    Let’s chat about your Epicure opportunity and I can take down your payment information by credit card or e-transfer in Canada.
  3. Congrats you are a consultant!
    After Katherine takes payment you will get an email from Epicure head office! You are in!
  4. Launch your Epicure business
    We’ll work you with the entire way, providing the training you need and getting you set up!

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

  1. There are no website fees or monthly hidden fees
    Let’s chat about what you get to start earning right away.
  2. You have a flexible schedule that you set
    Work around your own life, including family, jobs or any other commitments.
  3. Show me the MONEY! No cap on how much you can earn!
    You get paid every Friday and make 25% commission to start on your sales.
  4. Work through the training program with Katherine to help launch your Business!
    World class training for everyone and jump into our incredible Leadership in training program if you want to explore more.

We are here to help you throw your Epicure launch class and start your business immediately!

Congratulations, you are helping to spread the Good Food Movement across Canada and the United States!