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Hello Everyone, my name is Kathy. My story is very simple. My family and I have so many allergies (eggs, fish, shellfish, nuts, peanuts, legumes & dairy) and specialty diets (I have Celiac Disease) that I have become a master at shopping and preparing food. I feel more educated about food and ingredients than I do with the university degrees I hold. I cook with wholesome ingredients, gluten-free, nut and peanut free and dairy free for most meals. And my meals are delicious and praised!

How do I do it? Well, I won’t lie,¬†with a lot of help from Epicure.

Epicure is gluten-free, nut and peanut free, low in sodium and sugar conscious. That means their products fit into most diets. Better yet, it’s pure ingredients, most Non-GMO, sourced with great care, non eradicated and processed and sold within Canada. Best of all, in a time when food quality is failing with over processing, over use of certain items and fillers, loaded with sugar and salt for flavour – Epicure puts your health first.

What do I shop for in the grocery store?

– Fresh in season vegetables and fruits, frozen veggies and berries when not in season
– Canned tomatoes and paste, beans, chickpeas
– Proteins, chicken, lean ground beef, roasts, steaks, stir fry meats, pork, fish and eggs
– Seeds for added proteins, yogurt, milk or milk substitutes, cheese, condiments
– Grains, GF pasta, GF flours, butter, honey, molasses

Note that very little is processed? If you have Celiac and/or allergies or want to eat healthier, less processed food items are best. I leave all the flavouring to my Epicure products which use only whole ingredients.

Come visit anytime for food and kitchen tips, recipes, meal solutions, allergy shopping, because all meals, should make us feel good!


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