US Opportunity

Why is it a Great Time to Join Epicure?

You may already be in Direct Sales and looking for a new opportunity, or maybe you have been waiting for a fast growing, rank climbing business to come along. Epicure Just may be a great fit for you.

#1 There is a tremendous growth opportunity in the US for Epicure and you could be spearheading it. Epicure is an established Canadian Company with 20+ years experience selling clean eating meal solutions, time saving cookware and solving all sorts of meal dilemmas. Now that we are new to the US, there is an amazing opportunity to grow and expand the Good Food Movement.

#2 You have complete flexibility as to how much or how little you work. Set a financial goal and then reverse engineer it to find out what you need to do to achieve that goal monthly. I cannot say this one enough! Another income source during 2020 is the best job security you can have right now!

#3 You get your own e-commerce website free! There are no monthly charges and it gives you the ability to sell long distance and even globally.

#4 Epicure offers world class training in various formats. You can participate in conferences, online sessions, leader retreats and mentoring. Our online university training, along with our Fast Start Program and incentives is there to help you kick start a career.

#5 Who doesn’t need a discount on food? Epicure has an excellent compensation plan with discounts starting at 25% our products. Plus our products take the stress out of meal prep and cooking for everyone including you.

#6 Everyone needs to eat so you might just say that we have unlimited potential customers. We are offering them a great service with meal solutions, easy to cook healthy meals, time saving cookware, and products that suit many allergies and dietary restrictions.

#7 Be ready to make lots of new friends. We have a strong supportive team across Canada and the US that loves to encourage and cheer each other on.

#8 Warning, you may find yourself healthier using our whole food, low sodium and sugar conscious food. We have the ingredients, the recipes and efficient cookware so that eating healthy isn’t just something you want to do, it’s something you can do!

#9 Join for the kit! The Epicure opportunity will be the best $99 you have ever spent! The amount of goodies, meals, spices, cookbook, cookware and business supplies easily is worth double what you paid, if not more.

#10 You can’t go wrong joining Epicure! If you get your kit and decide you can’t continue, just eat your kit!

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