Why Should You Join Epicure?

Before I even go into the reasons why I think Epicure may be a good fit for many of my readers, I have to say the obvious. There is no downside to starting another income stream! I learned the hard way believing that I was too valuable and a necessity to the company where I had over 23 years of service, there is no job security. Once I learned that I would be unemployed, I decided it was time to focus on the things that mattered most to me, and Epicure has become that new adventure.

So what are the top reasons why I think this opportunity is for many people out there who may not even realize it yet:

1. The purchase of the Epicure Kit ($99 US/$125 CAN) is a worthwhile investment
The amount of goodies, meals solutions, spices, the steamer, kitchen tools and cookbook, worth more than double the fee, can easily be used for demos and for consumption by yourself and family. That’s the truth about our kit. If you join and find that selling is not what you want to do? Then you have lost nothing and can eat your kit!

Ready to join? Click here https://katherineevanspearson.epicure.com/en-ca/join

2. Epicure is a successful direct selling Canadian company in business for over 20+ years
Epicure is not a new business and has a proven record for consistent growth and continued success. It recently expended into the US where it has taken off like hotcakes! In May 2020 the company doubled in size and flew through 6 months worth of inventory. What does that mean? That means that there is a huge demand for pure healthy food.

3. Flexibility to work as much and often as you wish
Unlike other traditional employment opportunities, direct sales is flexible. You can work around your full-time employment, family obligations and even work completely digitally if that is what works for you. My motto is always to work smarter than harder, using as many tricks of the trade.

4. Let’s talk Epicure Consultant Discount and Perks
Once you join, you can enjoy 25% commission on all sales and 25% off of your own purchases! If you choose to advance and build a team, then you can earn up to 33% commission and a percentage of your team’s sales. As well, there are specials offers, early purchases and incentives that you are welcomed to take advantage of when offered.

5. Epicure products are delicious, have healthful benefits and make everyone’s life easier
Most people join because the meal solutions and cookware make life so much easier. The products are gluten-free, nut and peanut free, salt and sugar conscious, 80% or more non-GMO and most importantly, DELICIOUS! When you love the products, it’s easier to share and promote. Anyone with Celiac Disease, gluten intolerant or have severe allergies to nuts/peanuts – Epicure is a safe source! This is my WHY Epicure story which you can read all about on this website.

Ready to join for safe food? Click here https://katherineevanspearson.epicure.com/en-ca/join

6. Training and support to help you achieve your goals
Epicure has just expanded their self lead training to make it easier to set up and get started working. There are team and business training weekly to help you succeed. I have built a lot of templates and systems that I love sharing, as well as other tips with my teammates. I want you to succeed as well as the other Epicure consultants and head office!

7. You can sell Epicure in Canada and the US
This is actually a bonus for everyone. You can promote your business to a larger market in both countries.

8 Epicure’s Fast Start Program
This is one section you will have to join in order to learn more about. Only hint I will provide is that there are lots of incentives and bonuses available, that will help you achieve any goals you set!

Ready to join now? Click here https://katherineevanspearson.epicure.com/en-ca/join

The views expressed here are solely my views on joining Epicure and not Epicure Corporate Office.
Katherine Evans-Pearson Independent Consultant with Epicure.

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