Why You Need to Host a Cooking Class

You just might be wondering how a Cooking Class with me actually works. Well, in short, it is a party where you gather your friends and families either virtually (which has been the norm lately but not  exclusively) or in person, to have fun, see some great food and learn about what Epicure has to make your life and your friend’s dinner time a whole lot easier!

And the best part is, I do most of the work! If it’s virtual, I will be supplying everything and do live cooking feeds so that you see how easy it is to use our products. There is no mess or fuss to get ready other than to meet virtually or within a group to review posts and demos.

Why should you sign up to host the next cooking class with me?

  1. Host to support your family and friends and anyone else you know that is struggling with cooking and getting dinner on the table each night! Everyone has been focused on cooking and eating at home and really could use a few new recipes, time saving tips and a break from menu fatigue. How much of a hero would you be if you are the one to introduce quick and simple meals that can be made from raw to ready in 20 minutes or less to your friends?
  2. Maybe you need some inspiration or motivation to mix things up for dinner? Hosting is a great way to learn about a new cooking method, learn a few kitchen tricks, or learn how to cook a specific cuisine. Themed cooking classes are available to focus on specific products, meals, desserts, steamers or whatever you want to have demoed for you. If you are looking for inspiration, I bet your friends are too!
  3. Epicure is all about sharing Good Food and encouraging others to eat cleaner. We are a community of people who rally around each other to offer support and inspire to eat cleaner. Our products are made of whole food ingredients, low to no salt, sugar conscious, gluten-free, made in a nut/peanut free facility and we do consider as many dietary types as possible. Many of our meals and desserts can be made vegan or vegetarian. If you have allergies, dietary issues, gluten intolerance or immune diseases, Epicure may just be the food and flavours you have been waiting for. Hosting is the best way to learn more!
  4. When you host, you can earn free and half off items from Epicure.  What a great way for trying out stuff, and the perfect way to get higher priced items for free or half off. Each month we have Hostess Exclusives at significantly reduced prices available to only those who host.

And of course you get some social time, can chat and catch up with each other or connect from all over Canada or US. Epicure is sold in both countries and so we can ship orders directly for anyone not living near you.

Complete the form and I will get your cooking class organized and going for you.

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Start thinking about who would benefit from your Cooking Class and start building your Wish List!