You Joined – Now What?

Congratulations! You have joined and taken your very first steps on an incredible journey! Take a moment to celebrate! The biggest decision is done. The next steps I suggest will help you be prepared and confident building your unique business.

  1. Join Epicure Groups, Leader groups & their Personal Facebook Groups
    Join your leaders’ Facebook Team Community.  This is where there will be training offered, a place where upcoming events will be posted and a great place to learn more about the business. Also, join your Leaders’ Personal Facebook groups too as they will show you how they work their businesses. You don’t need to absorb any or all of it at this time. The importance is to have those connections so you know where to go if you need something answered right away!
  2. Planning – Put your Ideas into Action
    Build a flexible plan that will work for you and your family. You decide how much you want to work, when and how. We all join for different reasons. Some members just want the discount while others may wish to explore new employment options. Whatever you choose is fine and remember, you can change your plans at any time.Set goals – even if you are joining for the discount. This will keep you focused on what you want. If you joined to pay for your kids to play soccer, then write it down, set a due date and work your way to completing it.
  3. Who Do you Know? – Create your Contact List
    Before your kit arrives, take some time to think about all the people you know. They can be friends, coworkers, family, Facebook followers, sport groups, social groups, church members, etc… and create a contact list. Although selling food means everyone is a potential customer, knowing people already who may want to support your new venture, learn more about the products and/or taste what you have to offer, will most likely come from this group at first.
  4. World Class Training Available
    First and foremost, Epicure offers world class training for all consultants in various formats. We have our online Epicure university to work through, telephone call meetings and training from our top leaders, in person and other training offers from our various leaders. Like anything else, the  more you invest in your business, the more you get in return.You get your own e-commerce website to run your business and a back office to organize/learn the procedures and processes. Take as much time to learn how to navigate this system and ask questions when in doubt. We have a supportive system of leaders to reach out to or even our head office to contact.
  5. Create a Private Facebook Group
    Everyone that is in direct selling needs a Facebook group where they can promote their products. You may even want to use it for the launch of your new business. This can be your best asset at times. If you are too nervous to go that far in your journey without your kit, stop here and talk to your leader. If not, think of some names and dive in.
    Groups are a great place to offer more value outside of just sales. This is where you can showcase healthy consumable products and time-saving cookware to help all those time-starved families put good meals on their tables. You can post about how you use your products, fun articles that relate to healthy eating, as well as your current specials.These steps should keep you busy until your kit arrives and get you well on your way to an incredible business launch! The only thing left to do is to broadcast everywhere to every one who will listen, that you sell Epicure now. You will be surprised at the responses you will get and the conversations you will start.

    Still have questions? Ask away!

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